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RE: AO-40 Checkpoint this Sunday


I don't show a favorable pass next tuesday.  I just looked for MA 230-255,
nothing on tuesday.  If you look at MA 0-50 there is a pass on Tuesday, but
it's at 3am atlanta time.  or a 1000pm atlanta time.

I don't think you have something right in your prediction, or am I missing

Best MA's for telem. 230-255, with maybe some carry over to 0-15


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Hey all,

Am I missing something here or is there a very intersting AO-40 pass next
Tuesday?  Looks like the attitude is the most favorable we have seen for a
while and at a reasonable hour.


Dr. Jim Akers
Dept. of Electrical
and Computer Engineering
Miss. State Univ.

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Alan K. Adamson wrote:

> All,
> Yup, I'm at it again... Figure I'll dredge up some interest in AO-40 while
> we wait for some events to transpire.
> So, here is the plan.  This Sunday (4/1), from 15:30z to 17:14z ( I think
> did that right as the time changes this weekend and we are +4 instead of
> normal +5) the pass we will get in Atlanta will should be at MA 230-255.
> I'll push telemetry during this time to the Goddard server, using ao40rcv
> the receive software.  If you want to copy along, get and install and
> and trial p3t.  Then Sunday use p3t to view the telemetry by connecting to
> the server and port listed below. (you can connect there anytime, if
> else is pushing, you'll get it)
> server address
> port number
> 1024
> I'll also have my audio server running and will serve an audio stream.  I
> need some feedback.  I'd prefer to serve a 16K stream as there is just too
> much artifacting with an 8K stream.  But if enough people want to check
> there systems along with me, I'll do an 8K stream to support those on
> dialup.  Feedback wanted here???
> What I'm thinking is that I'll feed telem and audio and you can follow
> with your setups to check them out.  I don't have anything awesome on my
> end, but lately, I've had pretty good luck with telem and I pretty much
> signals from AO-40 that are S7 - S9 at best case.
> I'll also be on the IRC channel #amsat on us.chatnet.org  (get MIRC for
> windows to logon).  How about we start at 1500z that will give us all a
> chance to calibrate and get setup.  I'll have the audio running then as
> well.  With the sat out that far I usually only 'kinda' hear it, but it
> give you a reference.
> As a point of reference, my equipment is as follows:
> Yaesu FT847 as rx (I might try my Kenwood TS-2000 in transvert mode this
> weekend, we'll see)
> SSB UEK3000SAT downconverter - 30db gain, with .7nf, 432 IF
> 52 element loop yagi from directivesystems.com - gain of 21dbi
> Ok, mark your calendars and let's have a little AO-40 bash.  You know what
> will happen, with this attempt to get everyone out and going, I'll either
> have wild TX storms in the area, or it will pouring, or the sat will be in
> some strange mode.  Cross your fingers.  Last Sunday, a bunch of us did
> same and had a blast.
> I'll warn you up front, when it's time to copy telemetry, I'm pretty busy
> tuning doppler, etc and can't reach the keyboard easy... So let's start
> early and get setup and ready to go.
> Let me know if this is a useful thing or not.  I don't have to set here
> do it.  I just like to contribute to the telem database and if I can help
> you sort out a kink or  two, let's do it!
> See ya Sunday,
> Alan
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