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Re: Satellite Idea

> What are the chances of building a satellite the has a straight 2 meter
> uplink and downlink?
> Something for the beginners to start on.
> Almost everyone starts on a 2 meter FM rig, It would seem that if getting
> people interested into sat. ops, a 2 meter repeater in the sky would do
> it...
> Any thoughts?

Yeah, first, overcrowding would likely be a *big* issue.  Second, unless it
is a 'parrot' repeater, you'd probably need at least a 600 KHz offset.  In 
the 'States, we had a secondary satellite sub-band, but, aside from the ISS
uplink, that's been largely abandoned, and other non-voice uses, like APRS,
are in that sub-band.  It's unclear if that could be used internationally
(or else the ISS would use that as well internationally).  Finally, i don't 
know how hard it would be to construct a set of duplexers small enough to 
fit in something we could get launched for that purpose.

On the other hand, we have 435-438 MHz in our 70cm sub-band, and a simple
antenna to work that is much more packable.  The MIR repeater gave us some
experience with that, but not much, as it wasn't operational for very much
time, so we don't have that much data on the concept.  If we're to build a
in-band repeater for space use, that would be my suggestion.  Of course,
such a design already exists somewhere, which might be refined based on
what experience we had with the MIR version, if someone can convince the
powers-that-be to install it on the ISS.  Or perhaps it could go up as
part of something else.

My own hope is that the Saudi birds will become operational and/or another
attempt will be made to launch a set of J-FM birds as was attempted with 
the JAWSAT launch.
                                 -- KD6PAG
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