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Re: Yaesu VX-5R

rick_abbott (kb0lgb) wrote:

> Just wondering how well the Yaesu VX-5R is for operating the FM birds.
> Anyone experience this? It appears to be a one band at a time radio,
> however it has a feature called dualwatch. And just when I thought this
> was the only HT I would want alongs comes the new ICOM T-82A! Need to
> check the specs on that one too.

Dualwatch will not help a bit on the satellites.  I use it all the
time on my FT-50r (works the same on the VX-5r) to monitor two
different FM repeaters.  When the squelch is closed on both channels
and you are not transmitting, it rapidly switches back and forth
between the two VFO's looking for a squelch opening, at which point
it makes that the active VFO, and keeps it active until the squelch
closes again.  It definitely does not receive while transmitting.  In
fact, turning on the dual watch while trying to work a satellite
could actually cause more problems -- if another operator was in
range on the same uplink frequency, the radio might switch to
listening to that uplink instead of the satellite downlink!

Nevertheless, people have worked the FM birds with an HT that can't
monitor while transmitting.  Fortunately, getting your uplink and
downlink frequencies to match up is much easier on FM than SSB or
CW.  You can usually program in a set of 3 to 5 frequency pairs in
consecutive memory channels and use them at start, mid-pass, and
end of pass to stay in tune.

John (KB0ZEV)
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