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RE: AO-16 Mode S reception

Hello Phil & Joe

Phil said:

> a. How strong do you receive the ao-16 signal, as a comparison with my
> set-up.
> b. How much Doppler shift should I correct for at AOL

Joe said:

> Which is the easiest Mode S to hear?  AO-16, UO-11, AO-40?
> DO I have their frequencies correct?
> AO-40  2401.323?
> AO-16  2401.1428?
> UO-11 2401.500?

I put up some .WAV files on www.g6lvb.com today which tells you how well (or
how badly) I can receive UO-11, AO-16, and AO-40 with:

o 30 turn Wimo Helix;
o DB6NT MKU232A2 0.65dB NF, 40dB gain preamp, located directly at the feed
point of the helix;
o 180' Westflex-103
o AOR AR-5000 Receiver
o 15 degree southerly horizon - which is why AO-40 sounds so bad for me: at
perigee when the sat's over the equator, the sat has low elevation - so I
don't get much chance to hear anything.

Frequencies keyed into Wisp are:

o AO-40 2401.322
o AO-16 2401.139
o UO-11 2401.499

Of course, my radio is very likely not _That_ accurate, although it does
have a TCXO. These frequencies are really the result of my fiddling and
guestimates over a couple of dozen passes. In the end I let Wisp/WispDDE
give me an idea of what the frequency I should expect, and it's normally
within +/- 2kHz. I then manually tune. However in normal human nature I'm
forever wondering up and down the band when I don't hear something for a
while, in case Wisp/WispDDE is wrong. So far Wisp has not failed me.

73 Howard G6LVB
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