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ao-40 on the net tomorrow

Ok, all, I've now get more advanced. :).

Tomorrow, I'll be serving ao-40 telem starting at about 10am EST.  But
instead of connecting to me, connect to the Goddard server IP address, port number 1024 with p3t or ao40rcv.  I've got the "shim"
running and I'll be decoding with ao40rcv, pushing with the shim to Goddard
and then I'll be using p3t to decode the stream coming back to me (for my

We get a good long window tomorrow, so get your software installed and
configured, you can connect to that server right now and if anyone pushes
telem, you'll get it.

I also did a little testing.  Bob WB4APR, I don't know if you are reading
this, but have you already sent your telem from your wav file captures to
the archive?  I got one of them, played it with winamp, told ao40rcv to use
the wav input as the source.  AO40rcv didn't get any valid blocks, but it
was able to decode and the setup pushed to the Goddard server and then I got
it via p3t.  Pretty cool setup.

The reason I ask, it should be possible to decode as much as possible from
those files and contribute that to the archive.

Anyway, wanted to let everyone know the plan change.  My audio server will
be up as well.  *USE* your MP3 PLAYER, not your browser and open
http://audio.highrf.com:8080  make sure you include the port.  That will be
the audio from my 847 listening to the telemetry.

Again, I'll start at around 10 and the audio server should be up a little
before that.

I'll also be up on the IRC channel.

See ya all there,

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