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Re: Black-mail

I have to say that as much as I hate to admit it, I have to agree with Laura
on this one.  She wasn't calling anyone the "N" word, and she wasn't using
it in a derogatory fashion anyhow.  I know this and I didn't even see the
original message!

Let's lighten up folks.  The "N" word doesn't necessarily mean hatred and
bigotry.  To prove my point, have you ever noticed how African-Americans use
this word with each other and in jest?

In fact, does anyone know WHERE the "N" word originated?  It certainly was
never originally meant as a derogatory word and definitely not in the
"mother tounge."  Anyone ever hear of Arnold Schwazenegger?  Let's see, he's
of Geman origin.  The literal translation of his name means "Black Plow."
Let's see if y'all can guess which part of his name the "black" comes from.

We Americans have gotten so over-sensitive to words.  Reminds me of how I
was when I was a three or four year old and the kid next door called me a
name and how I went home running to mommy with tears rolling down my eyes.
The word "negro" in languages like Spanish means black, but if you use it in
America today, you are a racist as well.

Now I will resent anyone calling me a bigot or racist for defending Laura.
Some of my best friends have been African-Americans.  I just hate the fact
that people unnecessarily accuse her of spreading hate when she was not.



on 3/20/01 10:26 AM, laura halliday at marsgal42@hotmail.com wrote:

> Red Johnson <redj@adelphia.net> wrote:
>> No, just a bigot...
> Are you serious? Do you really not recognize a metaphor
> when you see one?
> In words of one syllable or less: I find the term I
> used offensive too. But there was a point to be made,
> and by comparing myself with a disadvantaged minority -
> and using a racially-loaded term to do so - I expressed
> my own feelings of being a second-class citizen when
> I learned that while my requests for certain technical
> information had been ignored, the requests of others
> had not been.
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