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RE: AO40 modes

> >So even if AO-40 bombs, the investment won't go to waste.
> >And there's always Phase 3E to look forward to... :)
> My sentiments exactly. We have excellent microwave bands,
> and excellent equipment to use on them. Even if AO-40 gets
> hit by a meteor tomorrow, the bands are still there, they
> are grossly under-used (by hams), and the sooner we make
> some noise on them, the better.

Indeed.  If there's one thing we need, it's more microwave operators, and
there's some excellent gear on the market these days at reasonable (i.e. not
have to take out a second mortgage) prices.  Just takes a bit of work to get
going, but that's half the fun of it all. :-)

> The other thing that I think when I read these postings:
> AO-40 is going to be up there a while. Years. I'm just
> not in that much of a hurry to get gear together - before
> I even know which gear will be useful. Let the command
> stations do their thing, let them figure out what works
> and what doesn't, *then* do something about it.

> Either than or do lots of terrestrial chit chat on 1296
> in the interim. Your choice. :-)

Well, it's obvious I've gone for the latter approach.  The lure of
microwaves was too much to resist.  And I figured if I don't do it now, I
never will, and will one day perhaps buy the IcoYaeWood microwave
transceiver/masthead combo.  If I act now, I can get the iron warm and have
fun getting up on those bands along the way! :)  And ATV will be another
interesting diversion along the way. :)

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and if you play your cards right, it's
win-win all round, even if AO-40 does get hit by a stray comet.  Of course,
if the right bands are working on AO-40, I will be there, if not, might be
an excuse to go higher! ;-)
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