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Re: AO40 modes

Hi Paul,

I look at your post and think this---for about $100 you can get an S-band 
dish antenna and downconverter, and be ready for AO-40.  (Maybe another $20 
if you need a crystal to move the IF frequency down to 144 MHz....)

I don't see that you've wasted anything...and you are pretty close to being 
right on the "money" (pun intended ;-)  Putting about $100 for S-band is a 
small drop in most people's big and deep bucket for doing satellite work...

Chin up indeed!


At 09:48 PM 3/19/01 -0800, Paul wrote:

>Hello All,
>That's me. The beginner who built his station for 2m/70cm 9600/38400
>on AO-40. I got the best advice at the time (before launch), was lucky
>enough to
>be able to afford the best equipment. It all works flawlessly.
>At this point if I can't work AO-40 with what I have, I may just have to
>watch it fly
>by for awhile. The well has run quite dry. I have my fingers crossed, but
>also realize
>there will be many more new satellites in my future. I plan to stick around.
>UO-22, KO-25, UO-36 and TIUNGSAT-1 are all working here, so I am getting
>some experience. The 38k4 birds are blazing fast. I could really love
>working AO-40
>if the 2m/70cm ever works.
>My chin is up... ;)
>Paul Delaney
>kb2shu.ampr.org []
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> > Dale Wiese wrote:
> >
> > > I would have to agree.  If the 2m/70cm "beginner" combo does not work
> > > it certainly looks like that part of A0-40 is not coming back), then it
> > > would seem like a 70cm uplink with a 13cm downlink would be the next
> > > thing.  My reasoning?  For all those who already have or were planning a
> > > 2m/70cm system, adding a 13cm antenna and a 13cm->2m transverter is a
> > > small delta.
> > > If you are a green field start, I see some advantage to going direct to
> > > up and 13cm down.  For one, your rotator and mount can be much less
> > > duty without a couple 20 ft booms to swing around.  Given this, how many
> > > people who plan to work A0-40 might not also want the big booms to work
> > > of the other sats?  Also, how many true greenfield starts are there,
> > > compared to the current list of Amateurs who have either been working
> > > birds for years (and have all this stuff already) or have been buying
> > > and stuffing them in a closet since the launch, waiting for spring to
> > > out the station?
> > That was my strategy...although I'm a little stung hearing mode VU being
> > a "beginner's combo". <grin> Hey, I worked *hard* to get that working on
> > RS-12/13, AO-10 and the Fujis . :-) And it was only last October...:-)
> >
> >  73 de Maggie K3XS
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Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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