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Re: AO40 modes

On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, Paul wrote:

> That's me. The beginner who built his station for 2m/70cm 9600/38400
> operation on AO-40....  The 38k4 birds are blazing fast. I could really
> love working AO-40 if the 2m/70cm ever works.

One perspective, though, is that the internet is also blazingly fast too..
SO I tend to look for applications on the amateur satellties that cannot
be met by other simple means.  We can exchange megabyte files and pictures
on the internet most of the time, so I tend to look for applications that
help the mobile, the hiker, or the sailor or the little guy.  

I wonder if the DSP could be configured to receive a 3 Khz wideband of
linear PSK-31 on the uplink and then send it down in a single FM downlink? 
We have been talking about this and by using FM down, we get rid of all of
the down-link doppler of the individual signals and thus the only doppler
is the users geometry which is predictible and can be  subtracted out
in the uplink.  etc...

Just a thought.  Oh, and the recent PSK-31 all-in-view software would let
you see ALL 20 QSO's at once in the screen for easy QSO with who you
want...  And PSK-31 is a low power mode with probably 20 dB SNR advantage
on the uplink...

Mobiles could transmit with a nominal rig and omni antenna...
Hearing the dowlink is the problem...  


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