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RE: AO40 modes

> Jeff Kelly wrote:
> "it looks" like AO-40 may be primarily a 1.2 up and 2.4 down bird
> Wayne replies:
> Why do so many people say this????
> The AO40 controller team reported that the AO40 U-band receiver works with
> the gain antenna.  It's the U-band TRANSMITTER that is probably dead.

I would have to agree.  If the 2m/70cm "beginner" combo does not work (and
it certainly looks like that part of A0-40 is not coming back), then it
would seem like a 70cm uplink with a 13cm downlink would be the next best
thing.  My reasoning?  For all those who already have or were planning a
2m/70cm system, adding a 13cm antenna and a 13cm->2m transverter is a fairly
small delta.

If you are a green field start, I see some advantage to going direct to 23cm
up and 13cm down.  For one, your rotator and mount can be much less heavy
duty without a couple 20 ft booms to swing around.  Given this, how many
people who plan to work A0-40 might not also want the big booms to work some
of the other sats?  Also, how many true greenfield starts are there,
compared to the current list of Amateurs who have either been working the
birds for years (and have all this stuff already) or have been buying parts
and stuffing them in a closet since the launch, waiting for spring to build
out the station?

If 23cm up/13cm down ends up being "all there is", then we will all need to
deal with it.  Until then, it seems like a 70cm uplink is still possible,
and would be smallest delta between what many amateurs planned to do and
what is actually required.

My .02,

Dale Wiese, KB9WOQ

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