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Re: Special Bulletin ANS-063.02 BOD Meeting

Where I used to work, when they were finished with a microprocessor
design, just before sending the data to the mask-making shop and fab they
would make a giant plot of the entire chip, stick it on the wall,
and everybody in the project would spend the day staring at the plot
looking for problems.  More than once, they found a fatal error.
Usually, it was not an error in the original design, but a easily-
fixed goof-up in the process of assembling all the chip layout data 
sort of like that LIU wiring error...)


At 04:11 AM 3/17/01 , Phil Karn wrote:

>It's this inherently parallel, scalable property of software testing
>that makes it possible to construct highly complex systems that are
>nonetheless remarkably reliable. Bugs repeatedly missed by one person
>may be immediately obvious to another. As Eric Raymond paraphrases
>Linux Torvalds: with enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.  That's
>the basic principle behind open source, and why (say) Linux is far
>more stable and reliable than (say) Windows.

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