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Spring, Satellites & Spaghetti

Greetings Everyone,

First let me say thank you to all the stations that were looking out for our
operation this last Saturday.  I'm told we had at least 42 people attending.
It was mostly club members but we also had a few spouses, some newly
licensed teens, and a few prospective hams.  We also had a local APRS
station going and some guys were working 20m DX on CW/PSK31 with a 3w QRP
rig and a 24 inch tuned loop.  All in all I think everyone had a good time.
When we get the pictures posted to the web site, I'll post the URL.

It got a bit confusing at times with other stations also listening on the up
& downlinks.  UO-14 was packed as usual and we may have missed logging a few
stations worked there.  After hearing UO-14, the advantages of the linear
transponders were obvious with much more relaxed QSOs.  We could have
possibly made a few more contacts, but I was also answering questions and
explaining/demonstrating Doppler and inverting transponders.

Here's the log from the event.  If you see any errors let me know.

All times UTC

1318-1330  AO-27  Missed pass, setting up taking longer than expected

1327-1346  FO-29  Sill setting up

1408-1421  UO-14  KE1MET?  (can't find call in qrz.com)

1457-1511  AO-27  VE6EGN

1512-1531  FO-29   Having trouble finding my downlink,  no stations worked

1547-1601  UO-14  Worked W5ADC, N5ZNL, K5OE, N9URR
                                 Heard     N5AFV, VE6EGN, ??HKS, W7JPI

1605-1621  FO-20  KP3A  nice relaxed QSO

1641-1659  RS-12/13  Almost direct overhead pass with very weak copy of my
                                     10m dipole VSWR 5:1

Lunch:  Spaghetti, Salad, Garlic Bread & Cakes

1756-1810  FO-20  VE6EGN, N8XQM, WA2TQI


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