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Re: Special Bulletin ANS-063.02 BOD Meeting

Paul Williamson wrote:

> It does shed some light on those tradeoffs, but to me this story is 
> about TESTING....From the little I've 
> seen of the inside of amateur spacecraft projects, though, I have come 
> to believe that there is a systematic weakness in the way we handle 
> engineering "process", including design review and testing.

Points extremely well-taken. Design-reviews, testing and other 
defect-prevention practices are vital.

I will observe that while hardware and software testing can be easy or 
hard, thorough or spotty, a *complex* system is implicitly more 
difficult to test than a simpler one. "Software vs. hardware" can very 
often be a decision as to where your complexity is going to occur. 
Complex software *can* be more tractable than equally complex hardware, 
because software is a much more malleable medium.

On the other hand, weak software technology can be stinky mess, too...

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