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AO-40 reception report and TS-2000 2.6 KHz tone


I received the S-band beacon on AO-40 this morning. The pass started at MA=9
around 6:15am into EM73. I did not copy anything until the satellite was
about 7 degrees in elevation. My neighbor's house blocks up to 10 degrees.
Signals got really fast into the S5 range with a slow fade. The converter
noise floor is around S1. Signals peaked around S7 shortly after. By MA=18
the signals were back really close to the noise.

The converter has about 20 dB conversion gain and slightly less than 1 dB
NF. Antenna used in this opportunity was a 4.5 foot dish with an unoptimized
2.5 turn helix. I just slapped it where I thought was the focal point
yesterday evening. A couple of days ago I tried a really good pass from MA=0
to MA=12 and the signals had peaked to 9+10 with a 16 turn helix and the
same converter. So, I don't know if this pass was just not as good or if the
antenna needs improvement. I will do some ompimizing of the feed this

I copied 50 blocks and none had good CRC. The doppler was very stable and
retuning was almost unnecessary. I am using a Kenwood TS-2000 and I am
noticing the it has a small carrier at 2.6 KHz (out the rear speaker jack)
that shows up on all of my spectrum dsp software. It is no big deal, but I
am wondering if anyone else is seeing it.

Pieter N4IP

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