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Re: P3T Software and AO 40 and the Internet

Hello Jennifesr!

12 Mar 01 04:05, you wrote to All:

 JP>     I am trying to get info from these sites, on the software P3T.
 JP> port 1040 N8MH, North. Carolina, U. S. A , and
 JP>         audio.highrf.com port 8081 NE1H Georgia, U. S. A.
 JP> I am useing NOVA Sat Tracking and at 07:30 UTC time it was overhead.

Alan, NE1H can help with audio.highrf.com:8081

 JP> are there other sites I can try?  I was on AMSAT  MIRC32 , and these
 JP> people were on there and I could not get them to helpl  VK3JED,
 JP> g6lvbzzz, N4IP, N4IP-room, NE1H-away, oh2lfn, and portland why I don't
 JP> know????? Or do I need to operate 400bps  PSK MODEM?

Well, my client is always up on #amsat, as it runs the news bot.  Doesn't mean
I'm there though, so you were probably talking to an empty PC if you tried to
talk to me. :)

Tony, VK3JED

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