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Re: satellite antennas

I'm sorry I let my "attitude" slip into my posting.  In the end, we agree it makes little "real" difference (X versus +) due to the stochastic nature of satellite signals received at groundstations.  The other physical benefits mentioned, rain/ice, birds, turn radius, and less interaction with booms/masts, makes the X desirable.

If I had my choice, I would put up BIG linear antennas and avoid circular polarization schemes--letting sheer gain overcome any penalty from polarity mis-match.  This would be especially valuable for unattended PACSAT monitoring.  But, since I live in a pleasant suburban community (euphamism for CC&Rs), I am forced to use dimmunitive satellite antennae.  That makes the extra gain from circular polarization worth the hassle.  
Jerry, K5OE

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