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Re: Conifer Update

Hello Geoff!

12 Mar 01 15:38, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 GT> good luck. P.S. even AO-40 which is much stronger is not too easy to
 GT> hear on FM. If you want to try your setup on air AO-40 is the easier
 GT> of the 2. I will get back to you about an ATV sig on 23cm, have to go
 GT> to work.

Well, AO-40 is not suitable at the moment, due to its nasty perigee hours(!), I
will have to wait until either AO-40 precesses to a more suitable timeslot, or
it is reoriented to a more favourable attitude for the times I'm able to

Will have to build some form of converter for the HF rigs.  As for Doppler, I
calculated +/- 60 kHz as being what would be expected on UO-11.

Tony, VK3JED

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