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Paccomm Help

I recently acquired a PacComm Sprint-2 (which apparently predated the 
Spirit-2 and is essentially the same). I can't get it to communicate 
with my computer using HyperTerminal. All I get when I pwr up the TNC 
is garbage characters. I decided to borrow a friends Spirit-2 which I 
know works and I can't get it to connect to my computer either. I'm 
using the recommended settings 8-n-1 at 9600 baud and have COM 3 set 
to these same settings using the device manager. I have also tried a 
number of other settings, but there are many permutations and I don't 
have time to guess any more. Anyone know what's up. I bought the 
Spirit-2 to replace my old PK-232 which I upgraded with the TAPR 9600 
baud modem for Digi Sats. It worked well with my FT-736R but never 
could seem to get the deviation level high enough to be effective 
with my FT-847. All suggestions welcome.

Richard J. Lawn
Meyerson Centennial Professor
Founding Director - Jazz Studies
The University of Texas at Austin
(512) 471-2369 Office
(512) 471-7764 School of Music switch board
Web site: http://jazzed.music.utexas.edu
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