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Re: Diplexer use for 70Cm/10M...2M/10M.


You would be surprise what level of performance you can get thru some of
those pins. I design diplexers for one of the cable TV manufacturers and I
can get -24dB returnloss all the way to 1 GHz all day long. Sometimes you
might think that since it looks like a design for DC that it might not work
good at UHF. The CATV amplifiers that I work with have -18dB specs on all of
the passband up to 870 MHz even when using an F-connector. F connectors are
also perceived as being poor, but did you know that some F connectors look
better at microwaves than BNC's. Agilent for example has an F-connector
calibration kit, but they will not attemp a BNC cal kit because the
performance and reproducibility is not there.


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> "all day". CATV gear is, in my view, cheaply designed because the
> equipment is fed a high level signal at all times so the need for
> quality connectors was/is not necessary to ensure a good signal over X
> lengths of cable. Who else would even consider a pin connector for
> signals that extend to 1 Ghz.?
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