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Re: Advice on old Sat Rig

Dan Carlisle wrote:

I've seen FT-726s go for about $400 or so used.  If you see one make sure it
has both the 430-440 module and the Satellite duplex module as these were
not standard.  Also there is a separate 440-450 module so if it says 70cm
you'll want to check to make sure it is the 430 module.  An used FT-726 will
probably be about the cheapest sat ready radio you will find.

Wayne replies:

Don't forget to consider the power output of the various used rigs you are
comparing.  The FT-726R only puts out 10 Watts which is marginal for most
satellite operating.  The FT-736R puts out about 45W on 2m and 35W on 70cm.
This is generally enough power to run "barefoot".

I owned a FT-726R for several years and sold it last year for $600,
including 80W VHF and UHF amplifiers.  The main point of this rambling
message is that a $400 FT-726R alone is not necessarily a bargain if you
then need to buy 1 or 2 extra power amplifiers.  Also, the FT-726R is
completely manually tuned.  No tracking VFO's.  All the other satellite
radios have tracking VFO's which make it a lot easier to move around the

The FT-726R that I sold would be a good radio for somebody who didn't have
an HF rig, because it had the (rare) HF module.  That allows the radio to
work Mode A satellites.  It would even work half-duplex in Mode K, but the
10W uplink power was marginal.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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