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Re: Special Bulletin ANS-063.02 BOD Meeting

Joseph V Murray wrote:
> GTO is one consideration.    What is the inclination of the launch.

The inclination would be less than 6 degrees if launched with ARIANE 5.
The initial inclination is simply because of the latitude of the launch
site. However, flight ARIANE 509 (V140) tonight will be only 2 deg inclination
and perigee at 860 km. This is because of the additional reserves and 
performance of the ARIANE 5, which was first demonstrated on our launch
with the much higher apogee and perigee than usual..
One can expect that this will be done more frequently to extend the lifetime 
of the satellites by saving some fuel for them..

Someone needs to look how such an orbit would be communication wise for
stations far north.  I personally would prefer a minimum of about 20° 
inclination, i.e. like AO-10.

> >David Tipton wrote:
> >4. The project is more likely to achieve its intended goals.  AMSAT
> >has a one in three success rate with propulsion systems (AO-10
> >malfunctioned, AO-13 was okay, AO-40 malfunctioned).  Propulsion is
> >the most costly but least reliable part of our Phase3 satellites.

I would not count the propulsion on AO-10 as malfunctioned, because the
problems were caused by the crashing of the last stage into P3-B. 

73s Peter

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