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Hi Jens,
> To be specific, would a mounting, different
from -45 , +45 degrees, produce
> a polarisation closer to circular, if so what
would the angles be ?
> 73 Jens    ZL2TJT
The problem with this system is not the angle but
rather the separation of the two antennas. The
'epi-centre of radiation should be at the same
point to produce "theoretically" perfect CP. The
further the separation the worse the situation
becomes as each antenna tries to contribute to the
advancing combined wavefront.

On the other hand I have used such a system with
good results back in the early days of Oscar-10.
The beams are long gone but I still have the
phasing harness and co-axial relays. The whole
situation of CP is a very fluid one when you get
away from an antenna test range and out into the
real world, particularly for satellite signals
that pass through the ionosphere.

73, Bill...vk3jt

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