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Drake 2880 alternative

Thanks to all who have reserved units.  To clarify payment,
the price is $43 for one unit including postage.  Two units
are $86 total.  I found out today I had seriously underestimated
the cost of shipping materials!  Hint:  DON'T go to Office Depot
or Office Max expecting to find inexpensive shipping boxes.

To answer another frequently-asked question, no, I don't have
any of the bias tees for powering the converter via the feedline.
They are easy to make, or you can power the converter separately
by snipping a lead and adding a feedthrough capacitor, similarly
to the way you do it on the Drake.

Making a bias tee requires a small RF choke (I used 15 mH), a
.01 mfd disk ceramic cap, and a small metal box with two coax

I'll be including a sheet with each unit with some info on how
to do it.

Don't forget, this ain't a "plug-and-play".  Just like the Drake
you need a crystal for 144 MHz IF, and if you want a coaxial
input rather than the bolt-on dipole, you'll have to unscrew it
and solder in an "N" connector center pin with a short extension.
The "N" uses the same screws and mounting holes as the dipole, so
it's no big deal.  The crystal plugs in, and dosn't require
removing the PC board to replace it, unlike the Drake.

I still have a few units left but I suspect I'll be sold out
by Monday night.

Best regards,  John  W5EME
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