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Re: PCR-1000 feedback

	Some time ago I added a wide-FM detector output to my PCR while setting-up
things for UO-36. I never really used it as I found the standard PACKET
output worked better.
	In case anyone may ever use this rig for higher than 38k4 data rates the
mod is simple. Mark's comments on the signal's availability are right, and
there is a nice place to tap it very close to the DSP-option connector (no
need to open the internal RF-enclosure). There is a via just left of the
'J12' label of the DSP connector that carries the desired signal. I
soldered a 47uF electrolythic (+ side to the board) and 2k2 in series here.
No troubles with signal level. I can scan some photos for those interested...
	By the way, a mod that I do use frequently is a switch to put the DC
supply voltage into the antenna port, its easy and handy...

	73 de Nando, CX6DD

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