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Re: Quad Antennas?

At 04:07 PM 03/01/2001, you wrote:
>Has anyone ever tried using Quad antennas on 2m and 70cm to work a satellite?

Not pure quads, but I've used a series of quagi antennas (2 loops and then 
wire directors) to work AO-10 and AO13 while it was up. Linearly polarized, 
though QST did have an article on a circularly polarized quagi design a few 
years back. I used to use a 6 element on 2 meters and about 10 elements on 
70cm and was able to work both birds with a FT736 barefoot on field days. I 
find them quick and simple to build and tune, usually build them on a piece 
of 1x2 for the boom. The loops are supposed to be easier to match than 
gamma matches or other feeds at the higher frequencies, and straight 
directors are easier to build than a bunch of loops up front.

I think they were originally designed by a w6 who used them for portable 
moonbounce work. He was looking for a design where he could stamp out many 
copies in a days work, and that was efficient to match. I think at one 
point he had a trailerable array of 16 of them on 2 meters that he dragged 
from state to state out west to get some of the rare ones on EME. Anyway, 
they seem to work good and the handbook used to have some designs for both 
two and 70 cm. I also use them on 70 cm for atv with fair success.

Hope that's helpful.

73 de Kevin, WB2EMS

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