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Re: Drake 2880 & Milli Com MC-251R connectors

>I've read the past posts about the F connector output.
>I just wanted to pass on to those interested that Pasternack Enterprises (
>http:\\www.pasternack.com ) has a F-male to N-female adapter.  It is rather
>expensive (as most of their equipment), but may be helpful to some.
>Jerry N5GPC

Might I make a suggestion.  Instead of buying an expensive adapter, make
one from a short piece of RG-59.  Attach an F-connector on one end and a
crimp-style N connector on the other end.  Both are not hard to find [maybe
even from Radio Shack].  The extra loss is neglible [~.2 dB], and I expect

If you are concerned about coax cable loss using RG-59/58 at the 144 or 432
MHz IF's, then a cheap TV VHF/UHF line-amp will solve that!  I will have
about a 50 foot run from my Drakes and will use RG-6, since I can get it
for $ .15/foot  F56 connectors [$ .12/each] are made for it, and
N-connectors for RG-8/X [~$4.50] work fine with RG-6.  75 ohm impedance
doesn't matter at these signal levels.


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