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Kansas City Tracker under Nova on Windows 2000

A couple days ago I had written (at least on NovaNet) about problems
with Nova for Windows not recognizing my Kansas City Tracker after
upgrading my PC from Win98 to Win2000.  Michael from NLSA has replied
that Nova does not use any external drivers for the KCT and it should
work just fine under Win2000.  The next step was to reinstall Nova which
I just did, and it is now working just fine with the KCT and tracking
FO-29 (I keep stopping writing this note to call CQ and no one is there
except me and the beacon).  I am now running Nova 2.1L which reportedly
has a couple bugs (although I have not noticed any in the 10 minutes
I've been using it), but it was the only handy way for me to do a fresh
install was to download the latest version from the NLSA web site (which
was really running SLOW, Michael).
In any case, KCT works just fine under Nova on a Win2000 system.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
626-302-8515    FAX  626-302-7501
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