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Re: Re: Remote control languages

> Mark West <markw@iSecuritas.com> wrote:
> >XML XML XML, think XML.
> There are a number of options here for an extensible way
> of encoding arbitrary data for network transmission.
> ASN.1/X.409 is one encoding I've used before...there
> are others. It takes more compute horsepower to work with
> these, but it's 2001 and this is a minor consideration.

I fear XML is way too heavyweight a "solution" for what
ought to be a fairly simple problem.

There's perhaps more value in having a concise specification
of the data elements which can be queried and modifed to effect
control, than worrying about the transport between the device
and the thing controlling it.

I'd love to have a standard SNMP-like MIB definition which
specifies some standard objects which all radio-like devices
share.  You might then specify extensions for particular types
of radios (e.g., radio with built-in TNC, or radio with
built-in IF DSP capability).  There would, of course, need
to be vendor specific extensions as well.

The big gain is that you end up with a standard way to do
common operations (e.g, tune to a frequency, turn yourself
off, transmit, etc.) and worry about "adding value" in interesting
capabilities rather than inventing interesting syntax to
specify frequencies or encapsulate commands on an RS232
serial connection.

So, just put an ethernet on the radio, and do SNMP at it (only
half :-).  Actually, just do SLIP or PPP on the serial port and
talk SNMP at the device.  Or some other simple serial framing
protocol.  Just coming up with standard managed objects would
be a huge win for people writing software; encapsulating a
particular operation for tranmission over some interconnect is
usually the easy part.

Probably this might happen with new generation "software defined
radios" which have computation and external communication done
as other than an afterthought.  The NIH temptation will be


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