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Fw: Operating AO-27 using a TS-2000 .. NOT

Hi Guys,

I looked into the problem of working AO-27 using the new TS-2000 from
kenwood and discovered the following:

The radio has a couple of birdies (6 documented in the manual) just like all
the radios out there. The problem is that one of the very few lands right on
the frequency of AO-27. The signal strengh of the birdie is pretty strong
(around 7 S units) on my radio.

I have been tracking it down and it looks like the incoming signal is being
contaminated by a harmonic of the reference somewhere before IC4 on board
TX-RX2. The reference of 15.6 MHz is doubled and is used to mix the 41.895
IF out of IC4 to 10.695. The LO of this next stage is 31.2 and might still
be rich in haronics due to the doubling. 31.2 x 14 = 436.8 which is right on
top of AO-27.

No cure yet. I keep looking at where this signal might be contaminating the
RF. Possible cures are a filter or feeding a small amount of the same signal
in the proper place and with the right phase to cancel it. I will keep
everyone updated.

Apart from this issue, the radio works great and I am very satisfied so far.

Pieter N4IP

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