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Re: Software Upgradeable Radios - was: Yaesu Command Codes

To the list,

  Recently I saw some comments concerning the Ten-Tec Jupiter and coming
DSP 2m/6m radio they are making. I sent the message along to Ten-Tec for
their comments. Here's what they sent forwarded with their permission.

Bob Arnold N2JEU

>From: "Scott Robbins" <sales@tentec.com>
>To: "Robert Arnold" <arnoldr@ralabs.com>
>Subject: Re: An idea?????
>Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 15:29:30 -0500
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>I'd love to do it, and it's a great idea, but competing with the
>Japanese for a  "DC-to-daylight" rig like the FT847 would be
>quite a challenge for a USA manufacturer like us.  If we were to
>do what's asked below with the Jupiter it would require a
>significant engineering effort and have a very high retail price
>for the end unit.
>The flash ROM in the Jupiter has worked out great for us - we
>were able to correct a couple of bugs in response to user
>feedback within days, and everyone who has a radio can
>benefit from the immediate correction rather than having to
>have chips swapped - which can be a headache both for the
>owner of the radio and the manufacturer.  We've also added a
>couple of new features to the Jupiter since its' release and are
>continuing to mull over owner feedback for new "traits" for
>the future.
>The latest update, by the way, on the 2 meter/6 meter IF-DSP
>transceiver is that we have passed FCC type acceptance and
>are awaiting the paperwork to arrive for actual confirmation.
>We expect to be taking orders for the new 526 rig shortly
>(price TBA, in the $700 range) and to have them available in
>time for the Dayton Hamvention(tm).  We should have a
>further status update on the VHF radio on our web site in the
>next couple of weeks.
>Scott Robbins, W4PA
>Amateur Radio Product Manager, Ten-Tec
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>From: Robert Arnold <arnoldr@ralabs.com>
>To: sales@tentec.com <sales@tentec.com>
>Date: Tuesday, February 27, 2001 3:10 PM
>Subject: An idea?????
>>   Here's a message that I spotted on the amsat-bb email reflector.
Thought it
>>might interest you......
>>Bob Arnold N2JEU
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>>Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 11:54:02 -0600
>>To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
>>From: Dan Carlisle <carlisle@iastate.edu>
>>Subject: Software Upgradeable Radios - was: [amsat-bb] Yaesu Command Codes
>> was: IC-820H radio command   codes
>>Sender: owner-AMSAT-BB@AMSAT.Org
>>It looks like the American radio manufacturer Ten-Tec has caught on:
>> From their website:
>>"Software is the heart of JUPITER and its all stored in Flash ROM!
>>This may be the last HF rig you ever need to buy. We anticipate
>>frequent addition of new features. You simply visit our website,
>>download the latest and its as if your rig rolled off the production
>>line a few minutes earlier. "
>>Too bad they don't make a satellite radio.  I see they are going to
>>come out with a 6 meter / 2 meter IF-DSP radio with separate low
>>level tx out port for transverters.  Now they should combine that to
>>their Jupiter add 6/2&432, crossband full duplex, dual receive (ie 2m
>>and 432 at the same time) transverter frequency display and I'll sell
>>my less than one month old FT-847 and buy one!
>>73 de W0UHF
>>p.s. in response to an earlier post on the amsat-bb relector:
>>>In my opinion, none of the radio makers have ever really gotten it right.
>>>Perhaps if the radios had user-upgradeable software (like, for example,
>>>Garmin GPSes) there could at least be software updates to fix these sort
>>>of things.  But that seems to be contrary to the Japanese consumer
>>>electronics philosophy...
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