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Re: Remote control languages

The Icom CI-V protocol also works like this.  You can control
several radios and other devices from one host serial port.
The antenna controller that I designed and built connects to
a CI-V bus along with my IC821, and one computer controls both
thru one port.

If I had some other gizmo, such as a relay or two, that I wanted to control,
I could hack up the PIC code for it in about 15 minutes, and build
the circuit in another 15 minutes.

Someday I might make a CIV->Kenwood translator so I can also
control my TS-50 from the same bus.


At 02:49 PM 2/28/01 , Ulf Kumm wrote:

>I found a simple and low cost bus system and command language to address
>assemblies (receivers, oscillators, relay drivers, sensors, antenna rotors)
>by a single RS232 or USB interface. The commands are made as simple as possible
>to make it easy to program a controller for complex satellite stations.
>For controlling this systems, even a PIC may be sufficient. The serial RS232-
>based bus can be controlled by any CPU with a serial (or USB) interface.
>PC, MAC, WIN, OS/2, Linux, PIC or whatever you like is possible if the system
>can send and receive 9600 baud RS232. Real 'wide distance' remote-control is
>possible by adding a packet-radio link between controller and station.

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