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Re: Remote control languages

>  > Now here's a thought:  Has anyone come up with a command language for
>>  controlling radios that *isn't* custom designed by a radio manufacturer to
>>  control only their radios?  Could that language be coded into a small PIC
>>  module that could translate into machine specific code?  ....
>I totally agree that the remote control capabilities of our amateur-radio
>equipment should be brought to a simple standard, which does not adhere
>to manufacturer-specific protocols, hardware and control software.

I'm particularly interested in coming up with an ASCII (or ISO) 
readable command language with a universal command set, and a reply 
protocol that allows the radio itself to accept only a subset of that 
command set and reply 'unimplemented' to any command it doesn't 
recognize or that tells it to do something its hardware cannot do. 
This would allow more or less closed loop control over the radio.

The tricky thing is, what are good candidates for things to include 
in that master set of commands?  I can think of a lot of things I'd 
want to see in there -- audio/RF gain, VFO selection, memory channel 
selection, VFO/MR read and write, band selection, filter selection 
(and possibly DSP filter adjustment), mode, RIT, XIT, and various 
other offsets and so on.  What changes in the radio's state are 
possible that can be included in a command set?  Which commands would 
you want available in a 'local mode' that would affect only the 
memory channel or VFO you're programming, as well as a 'global mode' 
that would affect the VFO currently in use or work systemwide?

Just getting my brain wrapped up in this and thinking straight to the 
keyboard here, but it's starting to evolve in my mind and become 
something a lot more powerful than what we already have ..

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