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Remote control languages

Bruce Bostwick wrote:

> Now here's a thought:  Has anyone come up with a command language for
> controlling radios that *isn't* custom designed by a radio manufacturer to
> control only their radios?  Could that language be coded into a small PIC
> module that could translate into machine specific code?  ....

I totally agree that the remote control capabilities of our amateur-radio
equipment should be brought to a simple standard, which does not adhere
to manufacturer-specific protocols, hardware and control software.

I am busy developing a precision PLL oscillator and a VHF receiver for
satellite ground stations, both with remote control capability. 

I found a simple and low cost bus system and command language to address
assemblies (receivers, oscillators, relay drivers, sensors, antenna rotors)
by a single RS232 or USB interface. The commands are made as simple as possible
to make it easy to program a controller for complex satellite stations.

For controlling this systems, even a PIC may be sufficient. The serial RS232-
based bus can be controlled by any CPU with a serial (or USB) interface.
PC, MAC, WIN, OS/2, Linux, PIC or whatever you like is possible if the system
can send and receive 9600 baud RS232. Real 'wide distance' remote-control is
possible by adding a packet-radio link between controller and station.

Due to the address bytes contained in the commands, you can control not just a
single transceiver but many different devices via the bus.

However, there exists only few assemblies with these SHACKBUS-capabilities,
most are still in prototype state. But I invite anyone to read about this
bus-and-control language and to think about adding his own devices and control
software to the system.

You find more on http://symek.com (follow 'ENGLISH' and 'SHACKBUS')

> Worth a shot, and might break us Mac owners into the Windows-only world
> of radio management .. ;-)

Fully agree. 73! Ulf, DK9SJ  (DK9SJ@qsl.net)

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