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Re: [psk31] PSK31 satellite ideas

On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Frederick M. Spinner wrote:

> This is the best idea yet.  You could use a simple 2m FM exciter, and
> the receiver filter could literally be an "on frequency" type Cohn crystal 
> lattice filter like the PSK-80 "Warbler" uses.  (on the sat)

Yes, Perfect for a new design...

But there was also the thread of what I could put onto our existing
satellite design (launch in August) with minimal impact, I had wanted a
low power 10m downlink so that it could operate full time and not
interfere with our existing 2m and UHF up/downlinks.

If we use the SSB=>FM mode, then we have to turn off our other mission.
Bummer.  That never works well with users.  They need to know what to
expect on every orbit, and not have things changing on them...  So I guess
we have two threads:

1) The SSB=>FM design which is the BEST for a new design
2) What can I do with a few milliwatt HF downlink?  Maybe 10m SSB=> 15m
SSB?  This takes advantage of the cheap $149 10m all mode rigs for the
25 watt user uplink transmitters...

Hummh... still thinking..
de WB4APR, Bob

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