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Re: Yaesu Command Codes was: IC-820H radio commandcodes

My Garmin Emap has two different ways to upload stuff to it:

First, you can upload new map data whenever you start using it in a
different part of the country, or when you have more up-to-date data.

Second, you can update the firmware whenever Garmin releases a
new version.  This does not affect the map data, but their firmware
updates have fixed bugs, improved performance, added a choice of
languages for prompts, etc.  If an owner ever did a firmware upgrade,
the unit would still work the same as when it was new, but it would not be
as good as a brand-new version of the same model.

They also do firmware updates for models that have no map data at all.

On the other hand, the Japanese radio companies have a business model
where they make a product, and sell it to places far away where they
have only limited technical support facilities, to customers
don't speak the same language, and presumably do not have the
technical ability to do firmware upgrades. 

This makes perfect sense for a VCR, for example, but not for
a satellite ham radio...

At 10:26 AM 2/27/01 , Margaret Leber (K3XS) wrote:
>Doug Braun NA1DB wrote:
> > Perhaps if the radios had user-upgradeable software (like, for example,
> > Garmin GPSes) there could at least be software updates to fix these sort
> > of things.  But that seems to be contrary to the Japanese consumer
> > electronics philosophy...
>I don't think anything of the sort is at work here. GPS manufacturers had to
>make their equipment updateable for aviation applications, becuause the
>airport/navaid databases are volitile; that's been true since the LORAN days. 
>The Northstar N1 LORAN navigator in the Cardinal that I fly must be removed and
>taken to an avionics shop for updating by replacing a socketed EPROM; modern
>equiment has a PCMCIA slot to accept a card that can be written from a laptop,
>with current information downloaded over the Internet.  
>I surely wouldn't mind being able to reprogram my 847 though. :-)  
>  73 de Maggie K3XS

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