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RE: Yaesu Command Codes was: IC-820H radio command codes

>I understand _exactly_ what you're saying.
>Not only are most Yaesu radios totally incompatible with each other at the
>CAT level, but simple things such as programming the memories aren't even
>available as a CAT function - you have to do a botch job using the clone
>function if you want access to the memories, and I never got that to work.
>Even the order of the bytes for functions such as 'Set Frequency' differs
>between radios.

Hi Howard,
Too bad the guys who seem to design the Yaesu CAT interfaces don't seem to have
ever wanted to use one!

>The ICOM CI-V method seems far superior - except you have to jump a few more
>hoops with the RS-232 hardware converter.

Actually, ICOM also has it's share of issues. If you want a good model for
how the CAT interface should work, check the Kenwood TS-450. We'll see if
Kenwood gets the TS-2000 right.

>I recently tried to write an automatic frequency tracking program for the
>FT-100 and FT-817 but gave up when I realised you simply didn't have enough
>control over the radio to be able to track everything that was going on.
>Similarly you can't program the FT-100 when it's transmitting.

Feel free to steal my source code for controlling the FT-100. It is
available at www.amsat.org (InstantTune for InstantTrack) and it actually
works pretty well. I have used the FT-100 with a laptop in my car for 
satellite mobile contacts (using a cell phone while driving
is just not enough challenge!)

>At a higher level, coming up with a generic framework for all these radios
>is an incredibly tough job as I'm sure you found. As radios start to have
>more and more functionality and modes, each implemented in their own way, I
>can't see the job becoming any easier.

Except for the most basic functions, this ain't gonna happen...


Tony AA2TX@amsat.org
North Andover, MA

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