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RE: AO-27/UO-14

>Unfortunately, narrowband FM, single channel isn't a good technical
>for ham use.  I think the solution someday might be to make a
>single channel repeater and a linear transponder on the same bird.  The

>newbies can use the FM (This is was the original FM sats were for, not
>big guns!) and once experienced, and once they've graduated to more 
>expensive (SSB) equipment, they can move to the linear transponder.

>Fred W0FMS

I think that this is an excellent solution.  I am confined to the realm
of the FM birds because of my lisence class and the lack of equipment.
I have been somewhat frustrated in trying to make a contact (over a
month trying now, with no success) and keeping getting blasted off by
the big guns.  I know my setup is right, I can hear myself on the
downlink, but no one seems to hear me among all the monsters.  I would
love to have an FM bird that we beginners could work so we could learn.


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