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RE:PSK-31 Satellite Donwlink Opportunity?

Hello Bob and the list,

Been reading, with interest, the proposals and counter-proposals.  I
believe that one of the design considerations is to use HF to reduce
cost for ground stations (i.e. allow the use of inexpensive RS 10m
radios).  In this vein, if you are going to use 10m and 15m, it would be
more cost effective to allow the 10m SSB radio to be used as an uplink,
while a very simple CW type receiver on 15m (such as the many QRP CW
kits) would easily be able to receive the PSK31 signal in a form that
the computer can decode.  Now I imagine that this raises all kinds of
flags from a band plan perspective as I believe 10m is defined as
downlink only, but again, I raise the point only in terms of providing a
low cost ground station.

Thanks, and good luck with the planning.

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