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Software Upgradeable Radios - was: Yaesu Command Codeswas: IC-820H radio command codes

It looks like the American radio manufacturer Ten-Tec has caught on:
 From their website:
"Software is the heart of JUPITER and its all stored in Flash ROM! 
This may be the last HF rig you ever need to buy. We anticipate 
frequent addition of new features. You simply visit our website, 
download the latest and its as if your rig rolled off the production 
line a few minutes earlier. "

Too bad they don't make a satellite radio.  I see they are going to 
come out with a 6 meter / 2 meter IF-DSP radio with separate low 
level tx out port for transverters.  Now they should combine that to 
their Jupiter add 6/2&432, crossband full duplex, dual receive (ie 2m 
and 432 at the same time) transverter frequency display and I'll sell 
my less than one month old FT-847 and buy one!

73 de W0UHF

p.s. in response to an earlier post on the amsat-bb relector:

>In my opinion, none of the radio makers have ever really gotten it right.
>Perhaps if the radios had user-upgradeable software (like, for example,
>Garmin GPSes) there could at least be software updates to fix these sort
>of things.  But that seems to be contrary to the Japanese consumer
>electronics philosophy...
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