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New version of wdecpsk and AO-40 telemetry archive incompatibility

Hi Robert,

Many thanks for sending me the file, I was literally just trying to get the
new version of Wdecpsk loaded here to test out the new compatibility claims.

The file you sent me cannot be read by P3T, ... so it is incompatible with
the archive, ... it gives a file length error, so it can't be an exact
multiple of 512 bytes in length.

Also the filename convention is not archive standard, ... should be

Are there any options that need to be set on wdecpsk to force it into
archive compatibility? I can't see it on the copy I just downloaded, ... but
I'll hunt around tonight if I have time.

So until we get this release of Wdecpsk sorted out, please don't stop using
AO40RCV yet!

Many thanks
Paul, VP9MU

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From: Robert Jewell [mailto:ac9r@home.com]
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Here is a copy of 27 Feb 2001 pass recorded on the latest version of
wpskdec.  This was run on a second computer fed from the same audio from the

The main computer ran ao40rcv1.0 and doppler was corrected for this computer
with the wspkdec "running in the background".

Let me know which program you prefer after seeing the latest version of
wpskdec data from others.

Thanks!   AC9R
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