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Re: Yaesu Command Codes was: IC-820H radio commandcodes

Doug Braun NA1DB wrote:

> Perhaps if the radios had user-upgradeable software (like, for example,
> Garmin GPSes) there could at least be software updates to fix these sort
> of things.  But that seems to be contrary to the Japanese consumer
> electronics philosophy...

I don't think anything of the sort is at work here. GPS manufacturers had to
make their equipment updateable for aviation applications, becuause the
airport/navaid databases are volitile; that's been true since the LORAN days. 

The Northstar N1 LORAN navigator in the Cardinal that I fly must be removed and
taken to an avionics shop for updating by replacing a socketed EPROM; modern
equiment has a PCMCIA slot to accept a card that can be written from a laptop,
with current information downloaded over the Internet.  

I surely wouldn't mind being able to reprogram my 847 though. :-)  

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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