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Re: A 'L Band Pod' Story

Woody wrote:
> Hi Bert:
> I purchased a pair of the "Pods",  hoping that the three modules inside the
> Pod; RX preamp, L-band driver, and L-band PA, were individual modules,  and
> that they could be separated, and used individually.  This is not the case.
> All three modules are integrated on a single PCB.
> I was very disappointed to find that the quadrafiliar helix was LHC, instead
> of RHC.  I had hopped to use the antenna separately for GPS.  You will find
> that the antenna connector's center pin is at DC ground, and will have to be
> modified with a blocking capacitor if used with a GPS or other receiver that
> supplies the DC power on the coax.
> I have not been able to locate any documentation at all on the unit.  I
> would really like to find a schematic of the unit before I try to power up
> the unit.  Do you have connector pin-out info, or any other documentation?


Unfortunely I do not have any documentation other than feeding +18 volts
up the coax for the preamp and the frequency ranges it uses.

73 Eric eac@shore.net  WB1HBU
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