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RE: Yaesu Command Codes was: IC-820H radio command codes

Trust me, the Icom radio interface has its own set of problems
(but maybe not quite as bad as Yaesu).

In my opinion, none of the radio makers have ever really gotten it right.
Perhaps if the radios had user-upgradeable software (like, for example,
Garmin GPSes) there could at least be software updates to fix these sort
of things.  But that seems to be contrary to the Japanese consumer
electronics philosophy...


At 03:03 AM 2/27/01 , you wrote:
>Hello Maggie
> > If anyone should be aware of any undocumented command code for the Yaesu
> > FT-847, I'd be delighted to hear about them. The list exposed in the
> > user manual, frankly, sucks rocks it is so limited. I've done some
> > limited probing from the framework of my Java prototype code, but struck
> > no paydirt hacking it so far,
>I understand _exactly_ what you're saying.
>Not only are most Yaesu radios totally incompatible with each other at the
>CAT level, but simple things such as programming the memories aren't even
>available as a CAT function - you have to do a botch job using the clone
>function if you want access to the memories, and I never got that to work.
>Even the order of the bytes for functions such as 'Set Frequency' differs
>between radios.
>The ICOM CI-V method seems far superior - except you have to jump a few more
>hoops with the RS-232 hardware converter.

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