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Re: Yaesu Command Codes was: IC-820H radio command codes

Howard Long wrote:

 > Not only are most Yaesu radios totally incompatible with each other at
 >  the CAT level, but simple things such as programming the memories
 > aren't even available as a CAT function - you have to do a botch
 > job using the clone function if you want access to the memories,
 > and I never got that to work.

Gee, I'd written off dealing with the memories when I found no "write
memory/read memory" commands in the command set. I'd completely
forgotten about cloning.

I'll have to reverse-engineer the clone stream...even though you can't
clone without button-pushing, (nay, not just button pushing but fiddling
with the menu knob too, come to think of it) that would still be useful.
I haven't seen the programmable radio yet that will allow you to
*reorder* memories or insert a channel. If you want a new channel
*between* ch4 and ch5, ch6 and chn(n<6) all must be rewrittten. Yuk.

 > Even the order of the bytes for functions such as 'Set Frequency'
 > differs between radios.

Byte-order? Not even. With the 847 CAT function, frequencies are
expressed in one four-bit nybble per decimal digit, packed two to a
byte; i.e. 123.456789 MHz is 0x 12 34 56 78 in hexadecimal and sorry
about the 9Hz error, you can tune it with the knob. I haven't seen
packed BCD since my mainframe days.

 > At a higher level, coming up with a generic framework for all these
 > radios is an incredibly tough job as I'm sure you found...

Well, I do have an interface (which I think is called an "abstract
class" for you C++ folk) tentatively defined for JHamTune. But it really
doens't mean much until I tackle implementing a second radio, because I
*know* it will change once I look closely at the ICOM protocols--for
example currently frequencies are expressed as an interger in decahertz
because that's the resolution of the 847. And again for Kenwood,
although I am hoping by then it serves a point of convergence.

As soon as the code is spiffed up to the point where I'm not ashamed to 
have people read it, I'll probably host it over at Sourceforge as an 
open-source project, and begin getting the assistance of other folks 
with adding function and new radio types. But now that my Millicom is 
here (thanks Mark!) and it's springtime on AO-40 (thanks Peter!) I need 
to get cracking on an S-band antenna.

While still concentrating on my instrument flying lessons. A woman's 
work is never done. :-)

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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