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Re: PSK-31 Satellite Donwlink Opportunity?

Hello Bob!

26 Feb 01 12:15, you wrote to Tony Langdon:

 >> Would these be live QSOs or basically a fancy form of a 'beacon'?
 BB> Im thinking (for the unique one-sidedness of this experiment only), it
 BB> would be a "PGATE" that would accept TELNET SESSIONS on the internet
 BB> side and out of the sound card would come an audio stream of the first
 BB> 20 people that connected.  This is transmitted up to the Satellite.
 BB> To get then transmitted down for the test.. There would be ONE PGATE
 BB> per footprint.
 BB> Participants would thus "transmit" on the internet to the PGATE but
 BB> LISTEN to the satellite downlink on 10m...  It is LIVE, but for now
 BB> they have to pool their streams into the one GROUND station...  But
 BB> hey... the INTERNET is free...  And this is only at proof of concept
 BB> test...

No probs.  I was just thinking that if a receiver can be done away with, why
not?  But then again, it might be 6 of one, half a dozen of the other. :)

Tony, VK3JED
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