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Re: Source for F to N/SO239 Adapters

Hello Jon....what you say is true in a sense and for one application, and 
it may be for some odd configurations where specialty connectors are 
required by design, coax etc but it doesn't apply for the connection that 
we are talking about as I said.....the "F" connector.  When we go to 
purchase a connector as amateurs we don't ask for anything except a 
connector for such and such a coax size, type etc because they are all 50 
ohms except one "N" connector and the PL-259 which has no family to relate 
to.     Yes, I have seen the connector that you describe...it is the UG-94A 
but that doesn't apply here ...Almost all connectors can be used for any 
feedline that is desired whether 50-51-52-53.5-62-75-82-93 or 125 Ohms 
depending on the adapter for the connector, availability, size of coax or 
hardline and the connection that it is made to mate to, etc., so the 
impedance importance of the connector is meaningless to most of us amateurs 
and especially in the situation of the 2880 wouldn't you agree?

73's.....Lonnie  (NT6B)
Jon Ogden wrote:
>on 2/26/01 11:42 AM, Lonnie (NT6B) at nt6b-vk7lm@dreamsoft.com wrote:
> > Note the Input side or the top of the 2880?...."N" connector or for some,
> > "50" ohms...Connectors in and of themselves are not rated in ohms, only
> > "Type" such as "F", "N", "PL259", "BNC", "SMA" etc. Whatever design
> > features of the output requiring 75 ohm coax (Through a "F" connector) is
> > meaningless for us using the 2880.
>This is NOT correct.  Connectors most certainly DO have impedances.  The
>only one that does not is the PL-259 as it is a variable impedance connector
>(there may be others as well).  But have you ever seen a 75 Ohm N-connector?
>They sure do exist and if you try to mate a 50 Ohm male to a 75 Ohm female
>you will destroy the 75 Ohm female as the center contacts on the 75 Ohm N
>connectors are narrower.
>Connectors do indeed have impedance assigned to them!  In fact, one of the
>most crucial specs that manufacturers put on them is the VSWR specs.  This
>is meaningless if they don't have an impedance.
>Jon Ogden
>NA9D (ex: KE9NA)
>"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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