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Re: IC-820H radio command codes

wc0y wrote:

 > I am doing some programming to control my IC-820H for satellite
 > tracking and I need some information about control commands that
 > are not covered in the operator's manual.

If anyone should be aware of any undocumented command code for the Yaesu
FT-847, I'd be delighted to hear about them. The list exposed in the
user manual, frankly, sucks rocks it is so limited. I've done some
limited probing from the framework of my Java prototype code, but struck
no paydirt hacking it so far,

Why, under Goddess' Great Starry Sky, would anybody design a computer
interface for a transceiver without at *least* a discrete code for every
blessed button on the front panel? Is it *that* bleedin' hard?

The current Yaesu interface is...dare I say it?...the F-word?

.........yes, I must: it's "flawed". :-)

I remeber the programmable calculators frome Wang Laboratories, many.
many moons ago. All they had was a numeric code for every key on the
keyboard, and some additional codes for branch, loop, and pause for user
input. And the confounded thing was programmed with hand-punched cards,
a la Palm Beach County, hanging chads and all, with each command code in
two tiers of *binary* if you please. The result was near the power of
many general purpose computers of the day, for a modicum of design effort.

Of course the logic package could keep your feet warm on a winter's day
in 1969...

OK, folks, thanks for listening to me vent. I hope somebody at Yaesu is
listening before I give up and flee to Software Defined Radio heaven.

  73 de Maggie K3XS

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