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Re: Problem with ICM crystals in Drake 2880 converter

Hello Mahlon......evidently you didn't read my earlier post on the subject 
of crystal sizes for the 2880 but this is basically what I said in the 
posting...when you call ICM tell them you want your crystal substituted for 
catalogue number 433492 Job number 44409-1-1 and it is size HA 26C......I 
ordered mine some time ago...probably May of 2000 and had I not looked at 
the crystal closely and sized it properly, I would have had the same 
problem that you ran into.  They tried to tell me what I wanted and what 
they wanted to sell me was incorrect in terms of overall size......this 
particular crystal mentioned is about 1/8 of an inch shorter than the 
original crystal, and it fits perfectly....they should substitute the 
crystal without a problem.  Somehow they (ICM) have gotten so many orders 
and just assumed that the one you ordered is the correct one...it 
isn't!!.  Good luck to you.........73's.....Lonnie  (NT6B)
At 04:37 PM 2/26/01 -0600, Mahlon Haunschild wrote:
>Hello, all.
>My crystals for my Drake 2880 converters arrived today from ICM.  On
>unpacking, I saw immediately that they were not in the HC-49/US case, as
>I ordered; they instead were in some sort of reduced-height HC-49/U
>case.  The measured height of the ICM crystals is 11.43 mm, which is 2
>mm shorter than a standard HC-49/U case but still .5 mm too high to fit
>upright in the Drake 2880 case.  This prevents the converter lid from
>When I called ICM about this, I was told:
>1.  "That's what the guy who designed the crystal in the first place
>gave us for the measurements"  (no, they didn't name names).
>2.  The HC-49/US case is only available for large-quantity purchases
>(they didn't tell me this when I specified this case in the order, and
>this information doesn't appear on their web site),
>3.  The only thing that they were willing to do for me was to give me a
>refund, despite my reviewing in gritty detail my dimensional
>requirements when I placed the order.
>I am royally peeved at ICM at the moment for their arrogance, so I'm
>venting a bit.  I wasn't aware that, in dealing with ICM, that I also
>had a business relationship with a nameless individual who apparently
>got his sums wrong in the original crystal specifications.   My next
>call tomorrow will be to JAN to see if they can do this right.  If they
>give me a better story, I'll let the list know.
>Those of you who haven't ordered your crystals yet might want to
>consider other sources.  Those of you who have received your crystals
>from ICM, I'd like to know how you got them to fit.  Did you simply
>solder them in with long leads, and fold the crystal over the top of the
>trimmer capacitor?
>Mahlon - K4OQ
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