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Problem with ICM crystals in Drake 2880 converter

Hello, all.

My crystals for my Drake 2880 converters arrived today from ICM.  On
unpacking, I saw immediately that they were not in the HC-49/US case, as
I ordered; they instead were in some sort of reduced-height HC-49/U
case.  The measured height of the ICM crystals is 11.43 mm, which is 2
mm shorter than a standard HC-49/U case but still .5 mm too high to fit
upright in the Drake 2880 case.  This prevents the converter lid from

When I called ICM about this, I was told:

1.  "That's what the guy who designed the crystal in the first place
gave us for the measurements"  (no, they didn't name names).

2.  The HC-49/US case is only available for large-quantity purchases
(they didn't tell me this when I specified this case in the order, and
this information doesn't appear on their web site),

3.  The only thing that they were willing to do for me was to give me a
refund, despite my reviewing in gritty detail my dimensional
requirements when I placed the order.

I am royally peeved at ICM at the moment for their arrogance, so I'm
venting a bit.  I wasn't aware that, in dealing with ICM, that I also
had a business relationship with a nameless individual who apparently
got his sums wrong in the original crystal specifications.   My next
call tomorrow will be to JAN to see if they can do this right.  If they
give me a better story, I'll let the list know.

Those of you who haven't ordered your crystals yet might want to
consider other sources.  Those of you who have received your crystals
from ICM, I'd like to know how you got them to fit.  Did you simply
solder them in with long leads, and fold the crystal over the top of the
trimmer capacitor?  


Mahlon - K4OQ
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