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Re: AMSAT-BB-digest V2001 #133

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<< The Drake (at least the ones Mark Fossum got out of Japan recently) have a
 female F connector on the IF side. I doubt anyone who went to the trouble of
 building a high performance receive system would want to lose most of that
 signal by running either  RG58 or RG6 with an F connector on it down into
 their shack. Better to use the adapters I found and run LMR400 or similar
 and keep that precious signal strength.

Hi Steve.

There are some F to BNC adaptors around but I've not seen F to N etc.

On the subject of loss.  Remember that if you do any of the popular front end 
conversions you will have in excess of 30dB of conversion gain. As the IF to 
your shack is at 2m you can easily afford to lose 4-6dB without any 
significant loss in performance.  The most important characteristic is system 
noise figure. Having some extra loss in the cable at 2m can actually help 
prevent overloading the 2m front end.
I'm using 10m of thin RG58 to deliberately reduce the signal level a little ( 
from 38dB conversion gain) and it's just fine.

CU on AO-40

David  G0MRF
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